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GLE is commercializing laser enrichment technology to produce nuclear fuel for safe reliable carbon free nuclear power.

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GLE utilizes the SILEX (Separation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation) process as the foundation for its technology development and commercialization program. The SILEX process is a third generation enrichment technology that utilizes lasers tuned to specific frequencies to selectively excite uranium hexafluoride gas molecules and enable an increase in the ratio of lighter, rarer uranium-235 atoms versus the more common uranium-238 atoms.

Why Global Laser Enrichment?

Natural UF₆

GLE has exclusive rights to enrich a significant portion of DOE’s depleted uranium “tails” at a proposed facility in Paducah, KY.


GLE is uniquely suited to meet the emerging fuel demands of next-generation reactors.


GLE’s technology can also serve traditional and higher enrichment demands for existing reactors.

Fuel Cycle Innovation

GLE is innovating the next generation of uranium enrichment technology in the United States.

SILEX Technology License

GLE is the exclusive worldwide licensee of the highly efficient SILEX uranium enrichment process, invented by Silex Systems, GLE’s 51% owner.

Cameco Partnership

GLE’s 49% owner, Cameco, is one of the world’s largest integrated nuclear fuel suppliers.

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